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Hey guys! I know I haven’t blogged much and I really am trying to mentally talk myself into getting better about that. I have been pretty active on Instagram lately but not as much on here. I always feel like the things I am doing are so small that they don’t deserve a full blog post. I really should just do it anyways! If there is anything you want me to share or explain please feel free to let me know so I know what kind of things you all would like to see! It is currently close to midnight and I am at my parents house in Arizona nursing my dad back to health as much as possible. If you follow on Instagram he recently underwent emergency eye surgery where they had to reattach his retina. The procedure requires him to have his head face the ground for a week or two. I came out to help him with daily stuff and medications and eye drops. He is doing pretty well overall but it will be a long recovery I think. Sorry, that became a tangent but I wanted to update you for those who prayed for him and said such kind things on Instagram over the last few days. I very much appreciate it! The point is it is the middle of the night and I thought I would post on my blog for once haha! Ok, I recently took a bunch of photos of my kitchen for a feature that will be coming up soon on a fellow bloggers blog. I will share when that happens but for now I wanted to share my kitchen. I haven’t posted a lot about it and half the time its a mess so I avoid pictures (lets be honest here!). I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you a closer look and to go over some of the materials we picked out. Ready? Picture time! This little desk corner became a catch all spot so I finally cleaned it off and decorated it a bit to hopefully keep myself from continuing that trend! I think I will make a coffee/hot cocoa bar there for the winter months. The mug holder is from World Market, the sign is from Hobby Lobby if I remember correctly. I know some people don’t like a lot of things on the counters but I myself like how it makes the space feel. I have a lot of counter space so it doesn’t bother me. The lunch sign is from World Market, The crate was built by my dad, the weight is from hobby lobby, and the scale is an antique find. I apparently forgot to take a picture of this corner so there is how it looked a few weeks ago before I put some of my fall stuff away! This little metal stand was a find at Home Goods and I have redecorated it a few times. Here is the latest way its looking. Just very simple! Alright, so some of the details. We picked a quartz counters that I love! It has a marble look but with no maintenance. I knew if I got marble I am not careful enough to not chip or stain it. I love that we went with something that is SO durable, will look brand new hopefully for a very long time, and requires no sealing. For the backsplash we picked a grey subway tile in a herringbone pattern. It was a couple of hundred dollars more to have it laid that way but I wanted it to be interesting in our builder grade home. I think it adds a bit of character. I am debating on changing some of the hardware on the drawers. I don’t like that they are all the same (we didn’t really get a choice in that). Now for some of the smaller finishes. The pendant lights are from Ikea and the stools are from Target. Our floors are a laminate. If you want more info on those I blogged a full review a few weeks back. Well I hope that answers most any questions. We do live in a new build home but I wanted to add as much character into it as I could for now and I just love how it turned out! So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to let me know what you would all like to see in upcoming posts!

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