Harlow’s Nursery Tour |Vintage Boho Glam|

I have always dreamed of the day I’d be able to design a baby girl nursery. Honestly, I never thought I would actually see that day, so when we found out Harlow was a girl, my heart fluttered with the thought of creating the perfect nursery for her. My Pinterest board exploded with oodles of inspo pics and I knew from the beginning that I wanted a statement wall… one that would be KA-BOOM-SWOON when you walked in… so that is where I started and the rest kind of flowed in from there, piece by piece. I saw the wood panel accent wall idea here (that links to her tutorial on Instagram) and knew I had to incorporate it in. I loved that it could grow with her and become a headboard once she moves to her big girl bed. The best part? It was SUPER EASY to do! The wallpaper. Another thing I stumbled on and just knew I wanted it in there and came up with the idea of layering the wood wall over the vintage floral wallpaper. I love that you can see the floral details peeking through the slats and it’s vintage boho vibe. It’s super easy to apply and creates such a bold statement when you walk into the room. I was able to pull colors from the flowers to use throughout the room and leaned more towards warmer tones… natural woods, tans, peachy-pink, dark green, gold. |personalized name sign| Her name sign was the perfect addition to this statement wall and I am absolutely smitten with how it turned out. I also love that it is from a local small business and we were able to use a custom font that I sent over to her. |crib, pampas grass, rug, wallpaper, basket vase| The acrylic crib was another piece of the nursery I saw and instantly fell in love. I loved that you could also see the wood slatted wall through it and just had an airy feel and added a touch of

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